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Introducing our Back Home Scheme

Based in Sheffield, this service is very similar to our Home from Hospital Doncaster scheme. It is a 4-week person centred plan to help people  regain confidence and to empower them to settle back into their home and community after hospital discharge. 

  • Cleaning – Light housework. Support to arrange deep cleaning or de-cluttering. Support to arrange long-term cleaning solutions
  • Laundry – Helping to wash and dry clothing and bedding, helping to set up future laundry service if needed.
  • Shopping and if where mobility is good, going with service user to build confidence. Help to set up online shopping if needed or to locate a support worker for long-term needs
  • Food – we will work with the service user to discuss meal options that suit their mobility and dietary requirements, such as ready meals or meals-on-wheels assessment for property external and internal (including level 1 falls risk)
  • Bills – Help with paying bills in the short term, helping to set up direct debits for longer-term needs
  • Prescriptions – Collection of prescriptions for the short term. Support to find a delivery service for the long-term if needed.
  • Medication prompting – Help to find longer-term solutions such as Nomads or electronic prompting and dispensing machines.
  • Appointments – Help to make medical appointments, escorting to appointments (mobility dependent) Help to find a long-term solution for accessing appointments
  • Support to claim attendance allowance to help pay for any services needed long- term
  • Support to apply for a blue badge
  • Help to find tradespeople or to contact Housing officers.
  • Help to integrate into community clubs
  • Emotional support
  • Help with accessing specialist groups/services such as bereavement, MS, Carers etc.
  • Being with the service user for first visit from a new service provider e.g. cleaner
  • Help to purchase and/or navigate smartphone or tablet
  • Help to purchase suitable clothing and footwear for the individual’s mobility needs
  • Moving of small items and trip hazards around the home to clear walkways and reduce falls
  • Fire alarm test and fire safety referral
  • Link with community policing and other core services if the service user has concerns around safety.

Download our leaflet here 

Home from Hospital service - Doncaster

We are delighted to announce that from October 2022 we will be working closely with Doncaster Royal Infirmary and other agencies across the city including  the local authority and community partners..This new service, will see experienced staff delivering a person-centred 4-week plan to help older and vulnerable people to regain confidence and to empower them to settle back into their homes and community after hospital discharge.

Download the leaflet here 

If you have any questions please contact Karen.redfern@scccc.co.uk

Winter Pressures Service 

We have launched our latest service to assist health professionals and isolated, vulnerable people to appointments across the city in adverse weather conditions.We know all too well the impact bad weather has on providing care within the community with the recent flooding causing delays and cancellations for important health appointments. With the predicted increase in extreme weather coupled with the unforgiving terrain of Sheffield, reaching those patients in our communities will only become more of an issue over the coming years. 

The specially adapted 4 x 4 all-terrain vehicle will allow safe transportation for both staff and patients in all weather and emergency situations that require an off-road vehicle. 

Heat Helpers - We are advising older people to heat themselves instead of the house this winter. Our staff can offer practical support to assist an older person to keep warm in their home this winter. Download our leaflet here

Please contact Karen Redfern for further details. Karen.redfern@scccc.co.uk 

A&E to Home

Assitance is available for older people who have had a visit to A&E with a minor injury but are well enough to go home with some support. The service covers the A&E Department at the Northern General Hospital and the Emergency Admission Unit and the Minor Injuries Unit at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and operates between 9am and 9pm, seven days per week including bank holidays. We take the patient home and settle them in (checking the heating is on, making a cup of tea etc.).

Temporary Key Safes

We loan out temporary key-safes to people who need them. These help prevent delayed hospital discharge by providing temporary key access for the carer(s) until a more permanently fixed key-safe can be fitted.

High Seat Chair Loan

We also loan out high seat chairs for a period of 6-8 weeks. These are primarily for patients who have had hip or knee surgery and are there to aid recovery. We currently have a stock of 20 chairs with all of them currently out on loan. In addition we have a small number of end of life chairs which are loaned out to patients who are nearing the end of their life.



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