Giving Through Your Salary

Giving a regular donation directly through your pay helps prevent loneliness and isolation for an older person in Sheffield. It’s quick and easy. You can donate whatever you can afford, from as little as £1 a month or more.

Why Give Through Your Pay?

Giving through your pay means that your donation will go much further. The donation is taken from your gross pay before tax is deducted, so it costs you less and is tax-free. HM Revenue & Customs then gives us that tax that they would have received from your pay

This means that for a donation to SCCCC of:

  • £5
     - You pay £4 (20% tax bracket)
     - You pay £3 (40% tax bracket)
  • £10
     - You pay £8 (20% tax bracket)
     - You pay £6 (40% tax bracket)
  • £20
     - You pay £16 (20% tax bracket)
     - You pay £12 (40% tax bracket)

How to donate

Speak to your payroll officer, Simply speak to your HR or Payroll department who will be able to tell you if your employer has a payroll giving scheme. If your employer does not yet have a payroll giving scheme, they can visit website for more information.

If there is a payroll giving scheme in place then all you need to do is fill out our payroll giving form and return it to us at:

SCCCC, Unit 19 President Buildings, Savile Street East,  Sheffield, S4 7UQ

You can also donate to us through your pension. Your work pension provider can help you set this up before any tax has been deducted.

Changing jobs?
If you change jobs, your regular donation to us will stop when you leave. If you would like to continue to support us, you can either sign up to your new employer's payroll giving scheme, or you can make a regular donation.


Make a donation today to assist SCCCC to maintain the level of care that all of our friends and families deserve. Your donation will go a long way to improving the level of care across the region.

Donate Today


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