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We have now launched our 100 club! A fundraising idea that might benefit you too!

How does it work? 

You sign up to donate £12 per year, thats just £1 per calender month, you will receive a unique membership number, which will be entered into a monthly prize draw where you can win 40% of the monthly amount raised. 10% of the monthly prize will be pooled together to provide a larger prize draw at Christmas. 

How will it help SCCCC? 

The money raised will go towards providing support & a helping hand to older people when they need it most. 

What do I do now? 

Use the donate button below to set up a direct debit yearly payment via CAF 

Or download the following forms below;

Membership form includes terms & conditions. 

Direct Debit Mandate

If you would like us to send you a copy of the forms email us: ericka.hill@scccc.co.uk.

If you need any ideas of ways to fundraise for SCCCC check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas, download our fundraising pack where you will find; safe and legal fundraising advice, fundraising tips, printable sponsor forms, plus details on how to donate.

Do you fancy a challenge?

We are a registered charity on charitychallenge.com.  Whether it is trekking the Alps or cycling Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, choose from moderate to extreme activities via the website where you will get all the support you need to start raising money for SCCCC.

If you have any questions, please contact our Community Fundraiser Ericka Hill for further information at ericka.hill@scccc.co.uk or telephone: 0114 250529. 



Make a donation today to assist SCCCC to maintain the level of care that all of our friends and families deserve. Your donation will go a long way to improving the level of care across the region.

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