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Spring 2020 will go down in history as a season of togetherness whilst, ironically, being the season of isolation, with many older and vulnerable people having to quarantine themselves from close family and friends to protect themselves and others from Covid 19. As we approach Autumn and enter tier 3 lockdown status we need now, more than ever, to keep our older people connected. 

With vital befriending services for older people being suspended due to social distancing, we have had to think of new ways to keep in touch. This could be with technology, telephone or letter. This is where the Pen Pal Scheme comes in. There are two elements to this scheme.

Write a letter.

There is nothing nicer than receiving a handwritten letter through the post. Simply write Hi or Hello, talk about yourself, your family, your job, your hobby, your hopes for the future. 

Send a postcard, drawing or painting  

Some of our service users are partically sighted and can't read handwritten letters without help.  Simply send a postcard, draw or paint a picture and add the simple message 'Thinking of you'  This will make their day! A few tips: Use bright contrasting colours, tactile materials and thick felp tip pens.  

This is Muriel, she received a beautiful handmade card by 7 year old Matilda, Muriel is partically sighted so was thrilled to see Matilda's drawings. They now write regularly to each other. Read their story in our summer newsletter

thinking-of-you-(2).png muriel-with-matildas-card.jpg  thinking-of-you-(3).png

Know someone who could benefit from our scheme? 

If you know an older person who is feeling isolated, or lives alone and could do with some happy post, why not tell them about our scheme. They have an option to become pen pals with a volunteer, sending letters to each other on a regular basis, or they can just receive a letter, postcard or drawing to make them smile. The only criteria is that they must live in Sheffield and be over 65 years old. Please telephone the Good Neighbour Pen Pal Scheme and speak to Tammy Wilson on 0114 2505292  

Send your letters and cards to: 

SCCCC, Pen Pal Scheme, Unit 19 President Buildings, Savile Street East, SHEFFIELD, S4 7UQ 

Please don't put any sensitive information on the item (just your name) but if you'd like a reply (if possible) please pop a note in the envelope with your name and address.  We send each letter out with an SAE back to our office with a code on it, we can then forward on to the person who sent the original correspondence whilst protecting everyone's personal data.

Please note you may not receive a response from the older person but rest assured, your letter will be greatly received. 


Here are just a few of the beautiful cards, postcards and drawings we have received from the public. Keep sending them in. 

thumbnail_2207c470-00a9-4569-af3b-ec53ac850712.jpg thumbnail_8931c62a-551f-4599-be35-52e3665ed353.jpg thumbnail_ad07ad2f-d535-4f25-a67a-fe35dd59e814.jpg thumbnail_e99b6d56-5f54-4195-8e37-95da131478bd.jpg thumbnail_eed41546-3842-4eb4-8270-cff9475c868f.jpg thumbnail_a7d658dc-c47e-46aa-bb37-b9559362357d.jpg pen-pal-scheme-3.jpg pen-pal-scheme-4.jpg


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