If you would rather donate an item instead of cash to support our charity, we have an Amazon Wish List. 

On here you will find things like: 

  • Fingerless gloves 
  • Thermal travel mugs
  • Hand warmers 
  • Warm hats 
  • Single bedding
  • Single flat sheets
  • Single duvets
  • Pillows 

Why do we need bedding? 

Supporting older people upon discharge from hospital can mean that a person may be coming home to a hospital bed in their home. A prolonged stay in hospital can cause stress and anxiety of the imminent return home for both the older person and their family, if they have one. 

If a hospital bed is needed at home there are more practical issues that need addressing like;

Moving furniture to make way for the bed -  If the person has no family or a frail partner how will they clear the space for the bed to be delivered?

Bedding to dress the bed - Many older people share a bed with their partner or only have double bedding, who can buy a set of bedding for the hospital bed if the person lives alone and is too ill to shop for some?

This is where SCCCC comes in. We can provide both practical and emotional support for older people. We can move furniture and supply single bedding for the patient to help relieve the strain, anxiety and stress of coming home. 

So please head to our Amazon Wish List  and help us make coming home from hospital a little less stressful for our older service users. 



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