As we all know, this winter the UK will be facing major issues in tackling fuel poverty, at the hands of rising energy prices. An unprecedented soar in energy prices could prove to have devastating impacts on our older people. Financial difficulties and anxieties concerning energy bills could cause our older people to completely switch off their heating this winter. Here at SCCCC, we want to keep our older people healthy and comfortable this winter, which is why we are launching our #KnitAWinterBlanket campaign. We want to be able to gift our older people with a lovely hand-made blanket, to help keep them warm this winter. We’re encouraging you to help play a part in keeping older people safe this winter, by knitting a blanket or crocheting a square of a blanket that SCCCC can then give to our older people this Christmas.   

The energy crisis we’re currently embarking on could leave 6.5 million UK households in fuel poverty. From October, energy bills are predicted to increase by over 40%, rising to roughly £2,800 per year. As a consequence, experts have feared an avalanche of people falling into debt, with many people being forced to make the choice between buying food and heating the house.  

With people from lower-income areas, those suffering from a long-term illness or that have a disability experiencing an income drop from over £1,000 due to cuts in universal credit, experts have feared how the energy crisis will affect older people.   

The effects of this energy crisis will be seen most harshly amongst older people. Therefore, it is SCCCC’s aim to help keep our older people warm this winter. The cold weather can have a much greater impact on older people than merely being uncomfortable, older people, especially those with health concerns, can face serious effects from the drop in temperatures. The cold weather can lead to higher severity of the flu, chest infections, and various other respiratory problems as well as raising the blood pressure, which can put older people at higher risk of suffering from heart attacks and strokes.  

This winter, it is more important than ever to keep our older people warm, healthy, and out of the hospital. Ideally, it is crucial to keep homes above 18 degrees, however, with financial concerns derived from the energy crisis, experts are suggesting warming ourselves rather than our homes. For older people, it becomes harder for their bodies to recognise how cold they are and so they become less efficient at responding in a good time to protect themselves from the cold. So, this winter SCCCC want to help our older people take the extra measure of keeping warm, using clothing and blankets as the main line of defense against the cold.  

This is why we are encouraging you to get involved in our #knitAWinterblanket campaign. After being donated some beautiful blankets from our friends at Share-Wear, we were inspired to launch a campaign to help keep our service users warm and comfortable this winter. We would love it if you were able to knit either a whole blanket or a crochet square that we will then piece together, to donate to our older people as an extra special Christmas gift this year. We are looking for blankets to be sent to us by the last week of November (Collections available on request).  

This winter more than ever it is crucial to help keep our older people warm, healthy, and comfortable, so get involved with the #KnitAWinterBlanket Campaign to make a real difference to those who need it most this winter.  

Crochet squares – 7'’ x 7’’ (18cm x 18cm) approx 64 squares make up a blanket but you can send in individual squares and we will sew them together.  

Knitted blankets – 56'’ x 56’’ (142 cm x 142cm)  

Below we have put together two crochet patterns for you to download. 


Send your blankets to: SCCCC Unit 19 President Buildings, Savile Street East, Sheffield, S4 7UQ  

Or contact Ericka Hill via email: