Sheffield Charities team up to combat loneliness and isolation in their community

Award-winning older people’s charity, SCCCC has collaborated with the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Community Programme in their goal to reach isolated older people in the S6 area of Sheffield.

Sheffield Churches’ Council for Community Care (SCCCC) have been recruiting volunteers to support their befriending service the Good Neighbour Scheme since 1966. The scheme that recruits volunteers to visit isolated older people in their own homes across the city has a waiting list of lonely people longing for a friend.

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Community Programme’s (SWFCCP) Health Officer, Robert Ward whose role is to engage with the community to promote health and wellbeing programmes for people aged 6 to 100, was keen to get involved.

‘’In relation to my role at SWFCCP, I am involved in a lot of practical programmes including nutrition and physical activity, whereas social isolation and loneliness weren’t really covered in the timetable. I would like to engage at a community level, so when the conversation came up to get involved and volunteer for SCCCC in the S6 community my hand went up straight away. It seemed logical that someone with my background, experience and knowledge would not only benefit others but the experience would also benefit me.’’

Lynn Smith, Volunteer Recruitment Officer at SCCCC said; ‘’Sadly we have a waiting list of isolated, older people across the city who would love to share a cuppa and a chat with someone, so volunteer recruitment is something we are constantly promoting. To work in collaboration with another community-focused charity like SWFCCP, is the perfect way to reach those people who can spare an hour a week to visit an older person in their community.’’

Marcus Brameld, Head of Community at SWFCCP said; ‘’The goal of Sheffield Wednesday is to play a key role in making the people of Sheffield healthier, whether that’s through physical or social interaction, we want to use SWFC, our staff and our facilities as a vehicle to help create a healthier community.’’

So why not join Rob and volunteer with SCCCC, just an hour a week visiting an older person in their own home can make a huge difference in our fight to combat loneliness in Sheffield.


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