The tradition of paper advent calendars stem from Victorian times with chocolate calendars appearing in the 1970's. Now you can get advent calendars containing gin, beers and even make up. We thought this Christmas we would give you the chance to give and not receive for advent 2020.

It's called the Reverse Advent Calendar. It's simple, each day of advent put an item of food into a box and at the end you will have a hamper of essential items that we can pass onto an older person who may need extra support this winter. 

It's not for Christmas, it's for 2021. It will enable us to offer those food parcels throughout winter, so please check the sell by dates.

Once you have completed your hamper telephone 0114 2505293 to arrange a time to drop it off to our office: SCCCC, Unit 19 President Buildings, Savile Street East, SHEFFIELD, S4 7UQ. We are sorry we are unable to offer collection.

 See the complete list below. 



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