Serving Older People in Sheffield for over 50 Years

Serving Older People in Sheffield for over 50 Years

Easter, being one of the most important times in the Christian calender, seems an appropriate time to reflect on our history as we were founded by a partnership of churches in Sheffield.

SCCCC was established in 1966. Our original name was Sheffield Churches Committe for Community Care.

The name remained the same up until 1971 when it became Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care. By this point we had developed the Good Neighbour Scheme as well as a network of volunteers and liaison officers. All with the aim of supporting and working alongside statutory workers in the health and social services. There was still a strong relationship with local churches. 

Over time our name became shortened to SCCCC (or S&4C) and we have become a secular organisation in recognition of the fact that Sheffield is a multi-racial and diverse society. We do not wish anyone in the city to feel that they are unable to access the important services we provide because of their religion or even non-faith. 

Our links to the church may have lessened but we still operate under the principles of giving and helping others. Our services are ALWAYS free to our users and we continue to get donations from a number of churches in Sheffield of which we are extremely grateful. 

From small beginnings we are now able to offer a comprehensive range of services to older members of the Sheffield community. From our Good Neighbour Scheme which helps match our volunteers to people who need a friend; through to arranging loans of high seat chairs and specialist equipement. 

Here is a brief run through of what SCCCC provides:


Good Neighbour Scheme 

The scheme is designed to alleviate loneliness in the over 65's. Our Good Neighbour co-ordinators take referrals from a variety of sources including; hospital professionals, GP's, Community nurses, social workers, family members and the person themselves. These service users, if suitable for the scheme are matched with suitable volunteers. 

Our volunteers can help with:

  • Regular or occasional friendly (social) visits 
  • Short term check ins whilst a carer or relative is on holiday. 
  • Rearranging furniture to enable greater mobility around the home. 
  • Occasional sitting to give a carer time to attend an appointment.
  • Escorting to hospital appointments (any fares are payable by the user) 


Hospital to Home Scheme 

The Hospital to Home Team helps people before they go into hospital, whilst they are there, and immediately after they leave. The support can often extend to family and friends of the patient. Our team undertake a huge range of tasks and we are often able to respond on the same day. This can be particularly reassuring when a frail older person is suddenly admitted to hospital; knowing their home can be made secure, pets fed, relatives notified etc can reduce the stress of a sudden admittance. 

  • Amongst other things, we can;
  • Arrange for basic shopping to be delivered and put away pending release from hospital.
  • Deliver and fit small home aids and adaptations such as commodes, bed levers and chair raisers
  • Collect older people on discharge and help to settle them in at home
  • Feed pets 

A&E to Home 

We help older people who may have needed to visit A&E but are deemed well enough to be sent home. We take the patient home, settle them in, ensure that the property is heated and they have a warm drink etc. 

Equipment Loan 

We have a number of temporary key-safes which can be loaned out until a more permanent one can be installed. This may mean a person can be discharged earlier as carers will be able to access the property to provide the necessary aftercare. 

A limited number of high seat chairs, for patients of hip or knee surgery, are also available for periods of between six to eight weeks. 

Looking to the Future 

SCCCC is building for the future and intends to be around for many years serving older people across Sheffield. 

Our hard work has been recognised as we have won several prestigious awards, the most recent of which is The Duke of York Community Initiative. The assessment for this award is based not only on the good work a charity does in its local community, but also on how well it is managed. 


Other recent awards/recognition include;

  • 2018 received the Together for Sheffield - Faith Action Audit Award for Outstanding contribution to the community. 
  • 2018 became Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Charity of the Year.
  • 2018 received the Highly Commended Award for Sheffield Volunteering from Voluntary Action Sheffield's Making a Difference Awards. 

Today SCCCC can offer a network of services that supplement the wide range of health and social care resources in the city. Our aim remains the same - we work with our partners in churches, the statutory sector and the community to support and improve the wellbeing of older people in Sheffield. 

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