Keep on keeping on

Keep on keeping on

Like many (most) charities, SCCCC relies on our volunteers, without them we could not hope to provide the support services that we want to vulnerable older adults in the Sheffield area.

As we greet the New Year, once again back in lockdown, it’s time for us to thank every single volunteer who helped us to get through 2020. Your determination to help, to visit in person when possible, to make those phone calls, and to write those letters, ensured that many older people were not left feeling totally alone. Thank You!

2021 has not started in the way we wanted, and our service users are yet again being faced with what could be a long period of isolation. We will continue to do what we are allowed, and able to do, in order to limit the loneliness which we know is endemic within some groups of older adults. The thought that the vaccine programme will eventually help us ‘get back to normal’ is welcome, but there is some way to go yet.

So, we need YOUR help – yes YOU, reading this blog.

You may never have volunteered before, it may never have even crossed your mind, BUT put yourself in the shoes of an older person, perhaps a widow(er), living alone, children and grandchildren in a different city or even country: how would you be feeling now? Lonely, isolated, shut out, left out…desperately sad.

A simple phone call once a week from someone like you, a chance to chat, share how they are feeling, discuss last night’s telly, maybe even have a cry, could help them get through this latest lockdown.

Empathy, the ability to chat, be a good listener, have hour or so to spare per week, and (of course) a phone, are all you need. Please, if you think you could help, get in touch.

If you are feeling downhearted yourself, and let’s face it many of us are, the act of helping someone else will also help you! Human nature seems to require us to mingle, to share experiences, to chat, laugh and talk – so by spending a little time talking to a lonely older adult, you will be improving your own mental health. Win, win!

What else can you do to help us?

Well, if your go to online store in lockdown is Amazon why not sign up to registering SCCCC as your charity of choice. Every time you make a purchase (remembering to access the site via the address) a donation is made to us. It costs you nothing – other than remembering to use the right website address.

Have a look at this post from July last year where we showed you other ways you can help us via

your online shopping.


And What about YOU?

Christmas has been and gone. New Year celebrations were null and void and it’s the bleakest, dreekest time of year, compounded by ‘yet another lockdown’…

It would be easy to fall into deep despair and think that the sun will never shine again, we’ll never get to hug our loved ones (the ones not in our bubble), and that things will never get better. Hang on in there though, January and February are traditionally rather bleak months in the Northern Hemisphere but the Earth rotates in her usual fashion and by March we all start to see a glimmer of light (literally).

Do whatever feels right to you in order to keep your spirits high (and by that we don’t mean drink whatever spirits are left from Christmas!). Look after your physical body by eating well; plenty of fresh vegetables, home cooked food, and LESS cakes, pastries, sweets and alcohol. There’s no need to deprive yourself if that will just end up in you feeling even more miserable! But be sensible, have that glass of wine but not the bottle; eat ONE cake or biscuit (if you must) not the full packet.

If you’re back at home and unable to work in your usual job, don’t sit around watching TV all day – DO SOMETHING…decorate, learn something new, run, jump, listen to music (and dance!), cook delicious healthy meals from scratch, Zoom call your friends and relatives, write a book, read a book. You get the picture!

The sun WILL shine again.

Covid 19 WILL be contained at some point.

Life goes on…live it!

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