Help us spread the love

Help us spread the love

February - the shortest month of the year and often the coldest, wettest and darkest one!

However February is also supposedly the most romantic month of the year, given that Valentines Day falls smack bang in the middle of it. 

This article then is going to be all about LOVE....not the romantic hearts and flowers type popularised by card manufacturers but the TRUE meaning of love.....caring and helping others. 

SCCCC is the very embodiment of a caring organisation, we have a small number of paid staff, but we rely extensively on our fabulous band of volunteers, who are the heart of our charity, without whom we simply could not function.

Here are just a few of the things our volunteers and staff have been involved in recently: 

Case study 1

We received a referral to fit a bed lever at a property for a lady who was having difficulty getting in and out of bed. Dan (a member of the Hospital to Home team) and a volunteer, went to complete the job. 

Whilst there, the lady's husband said he would like a chair moving for his wife as he was unable to do this himself. Our team were able to assist the gentleman to move the chair into a more suitable location within their home. 

The husband was also concerned about some existing toileting equipment; we were able to demonstrate how the equipment could be altered, and also advise the gentleman to seek advice from his wife's Occupational Therapist. 

Case study 2 

An urgent referral was made from the hospital for a gentleman who was due to be discharged. He usually has good family support from his sisters however, his mother was at end of life and his sisters were at her bedside and therefore unable to support the gentleman on discharge. 

An Occupational Therapist (OT) at the hospital made a referral asking us to assist by doing some shopping and delivering a piece of toileting equipment. The gentleman had no access to money so, it was agreed that we use some funding we had available to pay for the shopping. 

Later in the day, the OT called again to explain that the gentleman was ready for discharge, but he had no access to his door key as this was with his sister. SCCCC agreed to collect the key from the sister, deliver the shopping and toileting equipment to the property and then bring his door key to the hospital to facilitate his discharge home. This minimised the stress on the entire family at such a difficult time. 

Case study 3

We received a referral from a gentleman with Dementia who is normally supported at home by his wife. She had fallen and fractured her hip and her husband had been admitted into respite care whilst she recovered. 

The couple had no immediate family support so SCCCC were able to ensure that the gentleman had clothing and toiletries during his stay. 

After his wife had been discharged, she rang to thank us as she said there was no one else who could support them. 

As you can see, there are LOTS of situations where, without our help, people could have been at the very least inconvenienced and at worst, either unable to leave hospital OR receive the support they needed to stay at home. 

Now you've heard what we do, would you be willing to become one of our volunteers? 

Here's an idea of what we need:

Good Neighbour Scheme 

If you can commit an hour a week you could visit a lonely and isolated older person in your community. You may also be needed to escort someone to hospital or to sit with an individual whilst their carer attends an appointment. 

A DBS check will be carried out, references will be required and we will provide a full induction.

 img_5391.jpg margery-&-ann.jpg 

We always try to 'match' our volunteers to our service users so that there will be a common bond and therefore something to talk about. 

Currently, despite having over 105 volunteers, we have a waiting list of lonely older people who would love to have regular visits. The S35 area of Sheffield is particularly difficult for us at the moment as we currently have 7 people who would like a visit but no volunteers in that area. 

Hospital Aftercare Team 

Could you spend a morning, afternoon or full day helping on the Hospital Aftercare team? You would always be supervised by a member of staff and tasks could include:

  • Delivering mobility equipment for patients discharged from hospital. 
  • Putting up a temporary key-safe at a person's home to allow access to the property for carers and family. 
  • Feeding pets for those patients admitted to hospital who have no-one else to take care of their beloved pets. 
  • Moving furniture to make way for a hospital bed for a patient who is going home. 
  • Emergency food shopping for a person recently discharged from hospital who is unable to get out and has no one else to do it. 
  • Collecting of belongings from a patient's home if admitted to hospital in an emergency.

gav-and-star.jpg sarah-key-safe.jpg shopping.jpg


We are always looking for volunteers to help us raise funds to continue our work. It costs £904 a day to keep the charity running. 

  • You could organise an event, for exmaple a tea party, cake sale or bucket collection. 
  • You could set up a 'Friends of SCCCC' group to organise events throughout the year raising awareness and funds. 
  • You could attend community events such as 'Peace in the Park' to help spread the word about the charity and support the Fundraiser.
  • You could even do a challenge event and get sponsored for doing it, for example the Sheffield Half Marathon, an abseil, walk up Snowdon or walking on hot coals. 

For more ideas download our A-Z of Fundraising

Admin support 

If you have office experience perhaps you could spare a few hours a week to help with tasks in our office. This may include filing, envelope stuffing, updating records on the CRM system and sending thank you letters. 

Help us spread the love this year by becoming one of our volunteers. There are a lot of lonely older people out there who need your help. 

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