Don’t give up on Christmas 2020

Don’t give up on Christmas 2020

Don’t give up on Christmas 2020

Christmas, usually a joyous time, is almost upon us. For many people Christmas 2020 is going to be far removed from the usual get togethers of family and friends – COVID-19 having put paid to large gatherings.

Are you feeling worried about Christmas? Are you going to miss out on being with loved ones due to the restrictions? Are you struggling to come to terms with the ‘new’ socially distanced way we are all having to do things this year?

Most of us, if we are being 100% truthful, will have answered ‘yes’ to at least one of those questions.

We are all faced with (and here’s that word again!) an unprecedented set of circumstances that mean we may have to change the way we ‘do’ Christmas this year. Does that mean we write off the festive season in 2020? No! Of course not – we just have to work out a different way to enjoy the seasonal fun, and let’s face it, we’ve all become experts in doing things differently this year!

So, what can we change in order to get the most out of Christmas this year?

First and foremost EXPECTATIONS! This year isn’t going to be like previous years, the whole extended family is unlikely to be able to get together around the too small dining table. Instead of bemoaning that fact, concentrate on the positives…no one will have to sit on the wobbly stool because you’ve run out of chairs!

A small gathering also means a smaller bird (or joint) to cook and  less veg to prepare, so maybe you can have a lie in, instead of getting up at silly o’clock to stuff the turkey. If you are usually the host with the most, think of Christmas 2020 as a gift to you. Either don’t bother at all with the usual lunch and instead stick a ready meal in the microwave. Or go all out and splash out on luxury food items, that usually would be too expensive to consider as there’d be too many mouths to feed.

One tradition which will probably make a resurgence this year is the act of sending out Christmas cards. Many of us have more or less stopped the practice due to cost issues and greater awareness of recycling/waste/sustainability, however with so many people physically separated from loved ones, a ‘real’ Christmas card, as opposed to an email one, will doubtless be greatly appreciated. Just look out for cards which are fully recyclable (glitter and foil often isn’t) and look forward to sending and receiving a few more cards this year.

And what about presents? If you can’t exchange in person, what can you do?

Well, the easy answer is often gift vouchers, and it’s true they can be warmly received. But aren’t they a little impersonal, especially if from a mainstream shop? If vouchers are your go to gift (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) why not consider ones from small local retailers, or any of the myriad small businesses who sell on the likes of Etsy, Not on the High Street or even on Facebook? Lots of these micro businesses have really suffered this year, as they have been unable to sell at craft fairs and markets. Buying from them, whether in the form of a voucher or not,  will effectively be like giving TWO gifts – one to the seller and the other your recipient. Win, win – what’s not to love?

If you can safely deliver your gifts in person; even if that simply means leaving them on the doorstep and waving at the recipient through the window; DO IT. Spread a little cheer…we all need some after all. As with the vouchers though, do try and give something bought from a smaller retailer if possible. Or why not something you’ve made especially for them?

Accept this year is going to be different…

Christmas 2020 IS going to be different. Whether that is ‘different good’ or ‘different bad’ is down to us.

We all need to remember, what is after all  the main theme of the festive period, namely love and joy, and try to spread happiness rather than despondency.

If push comes to shove, postpone your family get togethers until the pandemic is in remission – whenever that may be. Who says you can’t have tinsel and turkey in July?!

However you are celebrating this year SCCCC would like to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and remind you all to keep an eye open for your elderly and isolated neighbours…drop them a card through the letterbox with your phone number included and a note asking them if they need anything. Such a small gesture but it could mean the world to someone.


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