Caring in your community

Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care (SCCCC) is a local charity that co-ordinates a range of integrated services that give older people a helping hand when they need it most.

The type of help offered by SCCCC is varied but always targeted. A dedicated team of SCCCC volunteers and staff are the backbone of this valuable work. In many cases, the support of SCCCC ensures that older people are able to leave hospital sooner. SCCCC volunteers very often play a significant role in helping older people who may have nobody else to turn to for practical or friendly support.

SCCCC thrives on its strong links with the community and enjoys a unique position in the city, working in partnership with the local authority and NHS whilst also being supported by churches from all denominations and voluntary sector organisations.

SCCCC fits comfortably into the wide and complex range of services that support older people in Sheffield today. This combination of flexibility and a genuine willingness to help has meant that SCCCC has enjoyed over 45 years of success.